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Vocational Training Centre

Our Curriculum

VTC Independent School teaches a range of subjects including English, mathematics, science, geography, art, PE, PSHE and mechanical engineering in years 9 to 11, at a variety of levels to suit all students.  In post-16 our students have the opportunity to retake their English and mathematics, to study mechanical engineering, financial education, employability and PSHE.  Throughout their time in the school students are guided in their pursuit of a career, which includes work experience placements.
All students needs are assessed and the curriculum is adapted to ensure that they are able to progress and achieve.

Maths and English

All courses will include Maths and English; this part of the course will help you to improve Maths and English skills – your tutor will ensure the course uses everyday experience relevant to you to help you progress into employment.

Mechanical Engineering

This qualification is for young people who may be interested in a career in the motor vehicle industry.

Meet the team

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What we do

We work hard to ensure every learner reaches their full potential. Our core values consist of Resilience, Compassion and Innovation which are central to our work.

In every child, adolescent and young adult, there is a passion, a gift, a talent and a dream. This talent is a natural endowment that not only needs discovering, but enhancing and nurturing. However, because of the overwhelming pressures and strategic measures, not every young person thrives in the same environment. This can lead to student disengagement, discomfort and lack of development. Our passion is to partner with schools, academies and colleges to re-energise and revitalise young people with a variety of needs.

At the VTC, we believe all students can achieve.

We look forward to welcoming you to the Vocational Training Centre.

Mr P Thompson


Our Facilities

About the Building

We have a fully equipped training centre in St Michael’s Road, Sittingbourne, Kent.

It Has kitchen facilities, classroom facilities And a Fully equipped workshop for the Mechanical Engineering Course


There is a fully fitted kitchen area for the students to have breakfast and lunch accompanied with a large dining area.

The Classrooms

The centre consists of multiple classrooms that have the equipment to teach the students for English, Maths and IT. this includes laptops for each individual student, and smart boards allowing engaging interesting lessons. These are situated on the lower level and a larger teaching room upstairs.

The Workshop

At the rear of the unit, we have a large 3600sq foot mechanical training area equipped with ramps, tyre machines, compressors and various cars for our students to practice on. We also have a large mezzanine floor area with lockers and a safe changing area for our students.


I have learnt a lot here already, I'll be able to work on my families cars, saving them money.
First Student