Vocational Training Centre

My story and vision

I left school at seventeen and went onto a youth training scheme (YTS) AT Pre Sales Services Ltd. Part of the Amethyst Group.

I did two years on a production line, learning every stage and every job in that time. I then transferred to minor repairs for two years to fix wiring problems and minor brake repairs. Subsequently I moved to major repairs for one year, which involved replacing gear boxes and clutch repairs to newly imported vehicles. In my last year of training, I worked in the reconditioning department, which involved reconditioning Axles and Gearboxes for Mazda and Fiat cars.

After my training was complete I chose to stay in the reconditioning department for a further  year before being transferred to servicing and quality control. Here I worked on a variety of new vehicles including Maserati, Ford, Fiat, Mazda, Citroen, Vauxhall, FSO and Chrysler.

I thoroughly enjoyed my time at Autocheck Services (Part of the MCL Group) and I continued to work the organisation for twenty four years.

After Autocheck I decided to retrain as a teacher as I was head coach at a local swimming club in my spare time.

I was employed at Minster College to teach Maths to SEN students but to also set up a new motor vehicle department to train students in motor vehicle maintenance. I taught maths for two years and then opened the motor vehicle training centre. Initially we had twelve students in 2007, but in 2014 we had one hundred and thirteen students on roll doing a variety of motor vehicle training courses that included the;

 ABC qualifications at levels one, two and three.

Engineering Awards Limited at levels one and two

City and Guilds at levels one, two and three.

I trained new instructors for motor vehicle maintenance, and up skilled others in my department. I linked in with garages in the local area to offer training places for our students. Initially I started the department on my own but after a few years we had ten instructors in a six thousand square foot building.

The school unfortunately changed to the Oasis Group and they believed all training should be completed in the school grounds. The building we had was only insured for twelve students. At this point I decided to transfer to the maths department and a colleague took over the motor vehicle training.

I always believe there was a better way to train students. In 2012 I wrote a business plan to invest in the local area to train students in practical way however, the financial support was not there for my plans.

In 2018 I used my Pension to set up a training centre in Sittingbourne to support students at the risk of exclusion or students that had already been excluded as I thought this is the best thing I can do to give back to the community. Something that I believed was desperately needed.