Vocational Training Centre

Vocational Training in Kent

The Vocational Training Centre is an alternative education provision based in Sittingbourne, Kent.

We work with local schools and education authorities to provide an environment for young people aged 13-25, who are not reaching their full potential in mainstream schools and other forms of education.

We provide education and support, working with the students, their families and their education providers, contributing to multi-agency assessments and helping these young adults progress into post education life.

VTC provides a safe and nurturing environment for students to develop their self-esteem and complete their educational goals.

The learning packages are tailored to suit the needs of the individual and from this, we are able to construct small groups that provide additional support on a one to one basis if required.

The Vocational Training Centre offers enrichment to all students. This will help students to improve and assess their own attitude and behaviour.

What does our curriculum offer?

We offer academic and vocational courses.

Personalised learning sessions are built into the Vocational Training Centre timetable, allowing students to work in small focus groups in order to cater for their specific needs including English and Maths.

We are an approved centre for Engineering Awards Limited (EAL). We have also worked with ABC Awards Limited and City and Guilds. We have a number of fully qualified, dedicated teaching staff that include English, Maths and Engineering specialists.

How do we track progress?

On admission all of our students complete several base line assessments.

These assessments are used to give an accurate picture of the students starting point. This will provide teaching staff with the relevant information to ensure that work is set at the correct level and maximise the progress made.

Individual targets are set and regularly reviewed with staff and students. Where underachievement is identified, action plans will be drawn up with strategies to address this. Students will also be monitored on their attitudes to learning and behaviour.

Progress and attainment will be shared with parents/carers each term as well as the school or educational facility that they came from.